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You want to expand your business or create your own visual style ? Be trendy and « fashion » for all seasons ? Come to find and offer good business with our wide range of textile categories. Do not wait to discover our different models of jackets, suits, sweaters and shirts, pants, dresses, skirts and other products ; Everything to replenish and fashion galore your wardrobe !

Fashion Accessories

Amateurs or professionals interested in fashion, luxury or small whims? Discover the many items trends or brands such as scarves, belts, hats, cuff button and other complementary accessories to fashion. To develop, be fashionable and create a style that is unique or follow the latest trends, you will be able to obtain or make available a wide range of textiles and unusual objects of all kinds scarves, jewelry, neckties, bowties, bags, sunglasses ...

Bags & Shoes

Want to treat yourself or to give gifts ? Enjoy a huge selection of bags and shoes « quality guarantees » that our suppliers and partners will show you shortly. Come to acquire or propose different bags such as shopping bags, wallets, wallet, backpack, briefcase, ... and many choices of shoes, boots, sneakers, slippers, slippers, sneakers, clogs and moccasins. Many models, shapes, styles, trends, materials and colors you will surely find your happiness.

Food & Beverage

Want to draw your greed ? Satisfy your thirst ? Many choices of beverages (juices, cocktails, appetizers, beer ...), food (vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, spices, cereals ...), world spices, food and provisions. Find it probengal on everything you need to delight your taste buds and satisfy your taste desires. Find all the ingredients for traditional cuisine and discover the flavors of the world.

Security & Protection

You are thinking about the safety of your family and protect your assets ? Probengal also think of your peace ! With various protective equipment posted by importers and exporters present on our platform, obtain the latest technology in surveillance and protection in order to live in peace with your loved ones.


Tuning enthusiast, avid car or nice cars collector ? You want to acquire or offer car parts via In order to repair, restore, transform or improve your vehicle, whether private or professional, you will be seduced by a wide range of automotive parts such as wheels, tires, brakes, suspensions, light bulbs, but also turbochargers, transmissions, housing, pollution control, airbag ... as well as body parts, spoilers, side skirts ...

Lights & Lighting

Needs to light up your life ? With let dazzle you with our wide range of indoor lighting and outdoor. Lamp to fix, ask or transport. Fancy or discretion, originality or any sobriety to best meet your expectations. Applies, downlights, spot rail, suspension, chandelier, ceiling light, halogen projector lamp, desk lamp, lantern, kerosene lantern, oil lamp, flashlight ... According to your desires and your budget several choices are available by suppliers and manufacturers who adhere to our import/export network.

Construction & Real Estate

Your soul builder in this section will guide you to find the best opportunities available on our website. Buyer or seller, come visit soon or add many pages to the category on the products you want to advertise or gain ! To expand your market internationally or import new real estate products, probengal will meet your expectations IMPORT/EXPORT around the building.

Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear

In our section on goldsmith, made yourself and your family by offering gifts of qualities, such as eyeglass brands, luxury watches, necklaces, rings, earrings and many other jewelry exceptions or fantasies that our suppliers and partners will show you very soon for your enjoyment. If you are a jeweler here is where you can share your bracelets, brooches and jewelry.

Textile & Leather

The textile and leather, sector is one of the traditional sectors in the Bangladesh economy. Probengal is pleased to present a wide range of fabrics of different colors, materials and textures. Raw products of origin animal, natural or synthetic, such as silk, wool, leather, cotton, cashmere ... Mundane and unusual colors, neutral materials or eccentric. Whether your goal is to sell the product in its original state, to transform or make uniforms, linens, accessories ... our goal is to meet your expectations. Manufacturers, suppliers, companies or individuals ? Come to present your products or select all that you need to meet demand or make you happy in order to successfully promote and increase your sell on a global level.


Electronic Products reports on important developments in products and product technology at the world. Do you sell or wish to buy electronics ? Soon come and see our new categories of components, housing, printed circuit boards, soldering irons, consumables ... Buyers will find on probengal various suppliers of electronic components to optimize your purchases and save money ! Probengal platform propose you an easy, powerful and economic solution to increase your electronic business.

Home Appliances

Home appliances are electrical / mechanical machines which accomplish some household functions such as cooking, garden and cleaning. Give new life to your home and garden! Individuals or professionals, you would be interested in our wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture, appliances, bed linen or home. Want to enjoy the sunshine ? Discover our garden furniture, barbecues, chairs and other furniture for an enjoyable time outdoors.

Want to accommodation in a charming and pleasant environment ? Or just need a peaceful environment during the long winter times ? Probengal and its partners have designed for your well-being and opted for a diverse number of items in order to optimize your environment.


Telecommunications technology and industry products is the strongest growth industry. Do you want to communicate with the world ?! Your will is to stay connected and informed at any time, in any place or situation ?! Do not search anymore ! It is here that you will find and put your equipment and tools necessary for the era of globalization. Flush out phones, chargers, cables, satellite dishes ... is a business referral platform where companies from any country can display their business offers and opportunities.

Tools & Hardware display and supply the best tools & all kind of quality hardware products at worldwide. Artisans, builders, contractors, whether locksmiths, mechanics, tilers or easy DIY enthusiasts individuals do not move ! It is in this section that you will obtain what you need ! All of the machines and tools essential to achieving your work and work will be in this category on Probengal.

Sports & Entertainment

Need to distract you ? Escape ? Decompress ? For your physical and mental shape, Probengal and his associates think of you ! Relax ! Have fun practicing your passions and realize your dreams. Using sports equipment and outfits : climbing ropes, windsurfing, parachute, paragliding, diving suits ... The adventure starts here !

Personal Care

Beauty, esthetics, body treatments and facials ? Have you thought ? Think of your body and give pleasure to others ! Choosing your cosmetics on, your family and your customers see you differently, in a new way ! With our wide range of cosmetic and hygiene products from around the world, you'll find something to satisfy your cravings. is the right place to present your "Personal Care" or "daily use" products from all over the world and develop.

Office & School Supplies

Schools, companies, or private individual. You need supplies, office furniture ? Stop in this section for a while and take time to discover or provide essential items such as photocopiers, fax, scanner, fax, printers, ... ; various furniture and all kinds of supplies (envelopes, sheets, labels, calendars ...) and all the essential office tools such as pens, scissors, glue, staplers ... Everything to perform the tasks in optimum conditions and perform quality work. Probengal is the perfect business to business e-marketplace to your any successful project.

Computer Products

Workstation, server, router, connectors, ... ; You want to equip you with the latest technologies available on the market or offer new IT products ? This section is for pc computers, computer parts, computer part, computer case, laptop computer, mini computer and tablets, USB modules, reader, writer, and all cards, machines and more that can be grafted to your computers.


Farmer, ranchers, farmers, find here all equipment, agricultural vehicle, cattle supplies and consumables necessary for your farming business. Biological product ecological, environmental or natural, do not miss the opportunity to go green ! Probengal supply agricultural products from any country and promote their products in order to successfully.

Metallurgy & Mineral

Welders, fitters, structural works, traders, provide you raw metals such as steel, iron, copper, cast iron, stainless steel and aluminum among others ... but for everything you need : bolts, screws, welding rods, cutting discs, ... as all your required protective equipment.

Industrial Equipment

Actor of a global industry, national or local ? Finding good business to equip your premises and produce on a large scale ! This part of the website specializes on trade in industrial production machines of all kinds.

Purchases made available and specific machineries will be here.


You have an interest in the environmentand sustainable development ? You are planning to produce, sell or recycle energy and materials ?!

Recharge your with different energy performance like the sun, oil, biofuel and other goods fuels as well as all the facilities : wind, water propellers, solar panels, batteries ...